The primary purpose of the shelter facility is to provide shelter, food and safety in a supportive environment to women who have been abused and their children.

During a woman’s stay at the shelter, the options available to her are reviewed, and she is supported in making her own decisions, whatever they may be.  Additionally, women receive advocacy assistance from staff in her encounters with the legal, medical, social services or other local agencies she may utilize. The shelter can house up to 39 women and children at a time. Crisis calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The majority of the women coming to the shelter have children who they bring with them. Shelter staff provide both systems and individual advocacy for children, as well as parenting assistance for the mothers. Staff provide advocacy services to assist children in obtaining counseling services and protection. They meet with children and police or social services during suspected abuse investigations. Additionally, staff assist mothers in enrolling their children in school while staying at the shelter and arranging transportation.

Please call Safe Haven Shelter at 218-728-6481 for the address and other information.