Volunteer Spotlight for Spring/Summer 2015

Jaime“Assisting those who have been through a domestic violence situation is something that is close to my heart; survivors can be some of the most courageous people. I have always wanted to use my training as a massage therapist to help those who can most benefit. I am honored to be a part of their healing process.”


Massage Therapy Volunteer


“I feel like I am doing my piece of the puzzle to help women through their journey. I have contacted and met with over 400 women. Safe Haven is one of the leaders for helping women out of domestic violence and I feel proud to be part of the organization.”


On-Call Advocacy Volunteer (22 years running!)


Children’s Program Gets an Update

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A new season brings a new feeling to the Safe Haven Shelter’s Children’s Program.

What was once referred to as the “playroom” has been in transition creating a structured Learning Center for the children who call shelter home. With new paint covering the walls, the space is now divided into three different areas; the craft space, the dramatic play area, and the reading corner.

The defined spaces allow children to be creative, learn, and play. The craft area is complete with two children sized tables, hand washing station, and places for children to display their artwork for all to see. From a kitchen playset to building blocks, the dramatic play area offers a wide array of hands-on activities for kids of all ages. A cozy reading nook offers a space for kids to curl up on a soft chair and read a book. This unique space also offers a creative learning wall, as well. The wall is complete with a monthly calendar that includes the weather forecast, the days of the week, numbers, months, temperatures and seasons, and the top of the wall is lined with the alphabet for a wide variety of learning opportunities. The wall rounds off with a chalk board along the bottom to allow children to put their knowledge to the test in a creative and fun way.

The new children’s Learning Center offers children of all ages an educational and fun experience to explore different ways to express what they’re going through on a day-to-day basis. Whether they want to do some arts and crafts, play pretend, or read a book, the learning center can provide them with almost anything they could imagine.

Indoor fun isn’t the only thing being offered for the children this summer, either. The new summer program is complete with a weekly schedule to provide some fun throughout the long summer days.

The weekly schedule is composed of different themed days, Monday through Friday: science, baking, arts and crafts, field trip, and beach day. With providing children with science, baking, and arts and crafts, they will be able to keep busy and have some creative learning time while having a blast with friends. Field trip days include a variety of trips including rocking climbing, kayaking, the zoo, aquarium, Tom’s Logging Camp, Enger Tower, and a Huskies game. And no summer would be complete without a beach day for those hot summer days! Beach days are not just a trip to park point every Friday—the children have opportunities to see the many different water sources we have around the Northland, including a trip to Gooseberry Falls, Brighton Beach, Pike Lake, and Island Lake.

With a packed summer of fun, we look forward to sharing these changes with the children we serve. At the end of the day, their happiness validates all of our hard work.

Safe Haven Children are Shining Brite

Imagine being a child and growing up in a home where there is name calling, violence, being told you are worthless, hearing someone tell your mom she doesn’t deserve to live.

Your day-to-day choices no longer center on what toy you want to play with or what mom might make for dinner. Instead you use all your energy to think about your actions, tiptoe to not get in anyone’s way, and say whatever you need to say, truth or lie, to help keep peace in the home. You have to make a choice between protecting your mom or choosing to side with an abusive adult to protect yourself.

This is a reality many children face.

Safe Haven is always looking for innovative ways to help battered women and children. We are excited to announce our newest programming for children, “Shine Brite Day Camp.” Safe Haven’s Shine Brite Day Camp is a “free” week long day camp for children who have been exposed to domestic violence. The vision of the camp is to help children find their sense of self, build confidence and overcome trauma. Shine Brite provides guidance and activities to help kids heal with the support of adult volunteers in a fun and safe environment.

It’s important for children who have experienced trauma in their lives to feel safe, have an opportunity to express themselves and just be kids. Campers have the opportunity to participate in art therapy, crafts, self-esteem building activities, and outdoor confidence building activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, equine therapy, and other activities.

Thank you to Verizon for making this camp possible for children! Verizon’s continued support for domestic violence services has allowed Safe Haven to expand their services to areas of need identified by survivors. We are fortunate to have their support which has made this camp for children a reality.

Anyone interested in “Shine Brite” should contact the Safe Haven Resource Center (218) 623-1000.

Safe Haven Announces Shine Brite Day Camp for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence


Safe Haven announced today a new summer day camp (Summer 2015) for children exposed to domestic violence in the Duluth community, thanks to funding and support from HopeLine® from Verizon.

Shine Brite Day Camp will help children find their sense of self, build confidence, and overcome trauma. With the support of adult volunteers in a fun and safe environment, Shine Brite will provide guidance and activities to help kids heal.

“We are pleased to provide these camps to provide healing activities for children to use during and after the camps, thanks to the grant from Verizon,” said Susan Utech, Safe Haven Executive Director. Children will have the opportunity to participate in art therapy, crafts, self-esteem building activities, and outdoor confidence building activities such as canoeing, rock climbing and hiking. Campers will also have the opportunity to rebuild trust with authority figures such as police and “just be kids” with other children who have had similar experiences.

Shine Brite Day Camp will be based at the Safe Haven Resource Center, located at 414 West 1st Street in Duluth, with trips provided to various community sites. Children in 2nd through 11th grade who have been exposed to domestic violence are encouraged to participate at no cost. Camp Weeks are June 8-12 (Grades 2-6), June 22-26 (Grades 7-11), July 6-10 (Grades 2-6), July 20-24 (Grades 7-11), August 3-7 (Grades 2-6), and August 17-21 (Grades 7-11). Camp is one week Monday through Friday and can accommodate up to 10 kids per week. Parents should contact the Safe Haven Resource Center at 218-623-1000 to find out more and to register your child(ren) for Shine Brite Day Camp.

Shine Brite Press Release

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Safe Haven Launches New Website

Out with the old, in with the new.

Technology moves quickly and we are well-aware of this fact here at Safe Haven. That’s why at the beginning of the year, we decided that our website needed an update if we were going to continue to effectively connect to the people who use it.

Working with Swim Creative, we developed a website that is geared towards two main audiences: those who use our services and those who support our work. We have cleaned up the primary navigation to four basic categories to filter these audiences more effectively.

Another big factor in the redesign was making our website more visual and engaging. By adding turquoise elements and photos to our former basic red and white color scheme, this helped to warm it up and make it more visually appealing. We’ve also added more links and prompts throughout the site to connect people to related content.

Additionally, our site is now mobile-friendly! This was definitely on our must-have list for the redesign and we hope that you will find this feature beneficial.

Enjoy using our new website! We are very proud of it and extremely thankful for all the help we received from Swim Creative during its development and implementation. It was a great team effort!