Book our donation trunk for a donation vacation at your business, school, church, event, reunion, or any other group!

Our trunk is pretty adventurous.

Donate, sponsor, or both!  You are still more than welcome to drop off donations at the Resource Center, but our new Traveling Donation Trunk makes donating both easy and fun!  If you want to donate goods to our residents, you can sign up for the Traveling Donation Trunk to go on “tour” to your location.  And we have some great sponsorship opportunities:  You can help us provide support, advocacy, and safety to victims and survivors of domestic violence (and deduct your kindness from your taxes).

Intrigued? Contact Kristi at 218-740-6601 or to chat about becoming a sponsor!

Traveling Donation Trunk Itinerary – How It Works

1) Book Your Tour: Fill out the sign up form
Invite our Trunk on a donation vacation to your location!  Pick which couple of weeks (give or take) you’ll display the trunk at your location and collect donations, pick a category of donations that your group will be filling it up with, and give us some contact information and a little bit of logistics.

2) Boarding Pass
Depending on what you request, either someone from Safe Haven will drop it off or you can come pick it up at the Resource Center on the first day of the time you signed up for

3) Donation Vacation!
Display the Trunk for the amount of time you signed up for. We suggest somewhere the majority of your clients, employees, congregation, students, teachers, guests, etc. will see it – and invite them all to donate, too!  Make a challenge out of it, set a goal for it, make it fun, make an impact.  You are doing us and our residents a huge service, and we are so grateful.

4) Departure
All good things must come to an end. On your sign-up form, you’ll have indicated if you’ll be dropping it off at the Resource Center or we’ll be picking it up. We’ll collect the donations and send the Trunk off on its next tour!

5) Adventure Awaits!
Enjoy our Traveling Donation Trunk? Spread the news! Tell you friends!  Get other businesses, classes, groups to take the Trunk on tour at their location!  And you can book the Trunk for your donation vacation as many times as you like!

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