It takes a lot of courage to share your thoughts and feelings with others.

It is possible, however, to find hope through knowing that you are not alone, that your feelings and thoughts are normal, and there is a safe place to talk about what has happened to you.

Child care and transportation, within city limits, are provided during all groups. Please contact the Resource Center before 2:00pm the day of group to arrange at 218-623-1000. There are no fees or charges for anything related to these groups.



Healing Steps

This is a 36-week closed group, designed to educate and assist survivors in their healing process. It is divided into three segments of twelve weeks, and participants are invited and encouraged to attend all three segments. If they wish, however, they may choose to commit to only one twelve-week segment at a time. The group is a closed group, meaning that no new people will join until the group opens for new members. Group opens every 8 weeks. A closed group encourages participants to bond and develop intimacy and trust. There is a fresh topic each week and a time set aside for sharing.

When: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Where: Resource Center
More Info: 218-623-1000 (Gioura)