We work to give survivors a voice. Here’s what they have to say about us.

Email received  January 21, 2013:

I just wanted to send you a message thanking you for everything that you did for me.  I am doing much better now and have a new place to live.  The kindness that everyone showed me meant the world to me.  I really think that you and the amazing people you work with are a large reason why I am doing as well as I am today.  

Comment shared by a former shelter resident January, 2013:

Does anyone ever tell you guys that advocates are like little angels? You drop down and have your wings hidden and all, but you go around saving peoples lives. And then just keep on working and helping people. Do y’all ever just pat yourselves on the back for what you do?

Email received November 6, 2011:

Hello this is Jennifer Jones*.  Not sure if any of the staff would remember me but, I’m just writing to say thank you thank you for support and kind words for me to get back strong to face the world. I now live in  Waterloo, Iowa. I finished school and have my CNA license. My boys Colton & Zach are fine and happy. Zach is on the honor roll and Colton no longer needs therapy for speech or physical. He speaks very well and can walk and run without leg braces. I now volunteer at the domestic violence shelter here in Waterloo because I want to give back. I believe I would of died if I could not go to you so thank you for saving me and my childrens life. God Bless – Jennifer & family

*Names and other details have been changed

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