The criminal justice system can be overwhelming. Let us help.

The Legal Advocacy Program provides services to victims and survivors staying at the shelter and those in the community that are not staying at the shelter.

Services include:

  • On-call advocacy follow-up to all arrests
  • Transportation (if needed) and support advocacy for court hearings
  • Assistance in gathering and documenting evidence in criminal and civil cases (photos of injuries)
  • A communication network linking survivors with probation officers, prosecuting attorneys, and law enforcement
  • Assistance with Orders for Protection and Harassment Orders

Through the Legal Advocacy Program, Safe Haven Shelter has worked to move beyond the concept of only providing emergency safe housing and advocacy, to an approach that challenges each of the community’s institutions to both protect victims of battering and to change the cultural facilitators of battering.

To contact the Legal Advocacy Program, call 218-623-1000.