Live Free Without Violence Flag Campaign

Live Free Without Violence Flag October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and this year, the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women (MCBW) has launched a new statewide campaign on October 1st to raise awareness about domestic violence in Minnesota.

The Live Free Without Violence flag campaign originally began in Germany and since 2001, the flag has been distributed around the world to promote awareness of violence against women. The MCBW has adopted the flag and has decided to focus the campaign on Minnesotans killed in domestic violence situations. The flag was first flown around the state during the first week of October to kick-off the campaign, and is meant to be flown for one week whenever there is a domestic violence-related homicide in Minnesota.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the Live Violence Free Flag Campaign. Safe Haven flies its flag at the Resource Center downtown, and we would love to see more flags around the city and on social media to honor the victims and raise awareness about domestic violence in Minnesota.

Flags and lawn signs are available for purchase. Once you make your purchase, you will be added to an email list that will notify you whenever a femicide occurs in Minnesota. It will also tell you when to display your flag and when to take it down.

If you are interested in participating in the campaign with us, contact Becky Smith at or visit

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