VOICES Spring 2022

We believe that a safe space to live is one of humankind’s most basic needs. Safe Haven’s shelter has housed over ten thousand survivors of domestic violence in the 20+ years since it was built. Now we are remodeling and expanding to better serve the needs of survivors for decades to come.

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VOICES Winter 2022

Safe Haven has always supported individual survivors, while also advocating for the systemic change needed to address the root cause of violence. Our shelter has housed thousands of survivors over the decades. And now our pending remodel will help us offer an improved space to heal with a more complete trauma-centered approach. We couldn’t be more excited.

VOICES Summer 2021

Thank you for taking a moment to hear from us! It is always our goal to provide updates that show the positive impact our friends and supporters have on our work and the lives of survivors. This time we have focused our inside main page article and photos on our Youth Program, and hope you will read on to see how this mighty little program is changing lives one shining kid at a time.


VOICES Spring 2021

Survivors of domestic violence are used to living in a state of uncertainty and chaos, and they come to our shelter looking for safety, space to heal, and a path toward stability. The transformation survivors go through encompasses many stages of growth and change, but above all an acceptance of the past and an eye toward the future. Safe Haven has done this work for 43 years – and we will be here as long as it takes.

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VOICES Winter 2021

VOICES Winter 2021

While 2021 will present us with both continued and new challenges, Safe Haven is eager to move forward into the new year with hope for change. As an emergency crisis shelter, we’ve had early access to the vaccine to help keep our clients and staff safe. We’ve received substantial COVID-relief funding that will help us remodel our shelter to create a safer, more trauma-informed environment. And we will soon be celebrating our agency’s 43rd birthday – a tribute to our enduring impact on those we serve.

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VOICES Fall 2020

VOICES Fall 2020

Although the challenges have felt insurmountable at times, Safe Haven has learned to adapt and to cope in much the same way survivors of domestic violence are forced to do. This deepened perspective has made us even more effective advocates for the women and children we serve. It has also magnified our gratitude for all of the many individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations that have stepped up to support our agency through all the uncertainty and challenges of 2020. We are eternally grateful for every last bit of it! Thank you all!

VOICES Winter 2020

Ever wondered what goes on inside Safe Haven’s Shelter and Resource Center? You are not alone. Our supporters know we are doing important work, but the need for privacy can make it difficult to highlight the scope and depth of Safe Haven’s impact. This quarterly publication aims to provide a “slice of life” from inside our organization, and show the impact our friends and supporters have on our work and the survivors we serve.


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