Imagine being a child and growing up in a home where there is name calling, violence, being told you are worthless, hearing someone tell your mom she doesn’t deserve to live.

Your day-to-day choices no longer center on what toy you want to play with or what mom might make for dinner. Instead you use all your energy to think about your actions, tiptoe to not get in anyone’s way, and say whatever you need to say, truth or lie, to help keep peace in the home. You have to make a choice between protecting your mom or choosing to side with an abusive adult to protect yourself.

This is a reality many children face.

Safe Haven is always looking for innovative ways to help battered women and children. We are excited to announce our newest programming for children, “Shine Brite Day Camp.” Safe Haven’s Shine Brite Day Camp is a “free” week long day camp for children who have been exposed to domestic violence. The vision of the camp is to help children find their sense of self, build confidence and overcome trauma. Shine Brite provides guidance and activities to help kids heal with the support of adult volunteers in a fun and safe environment.

It’s important for children who have experienced trauma in their lives to feel safe, have an opportunity to express themselves and just be kids. Campers have the opportunity to participate in art therapy, crafts, self-esteem building activities, and outdoor confidence building activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, equine therapy, and other activities.

Thank you to Verizon for making this camp possible for children! Verizon’s continued support for domestic violence services has allowed Safe Haven to expand their services to areas of need identified by survivors. We are fortunate to have their support which has made this camp for children a reality.

Anyone interested in “Shine Brite” should contact the Safe Haven Resource Center (218) 623-1000.